Bitlocker is an option which can give protection to the drive.

To turn on the bitlocker, make right click on the drive to bre locked. Select  turn on bitlocker.Then bitlocker software will starts encrypts the datappresent in the drive. It may take several minutes based on the data present in the drive. After completion of the encryption, bitlocker  will provides a key  and should  be copied in the pen drive or other external device inorder to protect misuse of key. Ofcourse we can save key in the system but it is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Bitlocker key contains recovery key and identification key. To unlock drive other than the password s with recovery key ,but we can get only temporary access with recovery key. In this situation you can turn off the bitlocker.We can  manage thhe bitlocker from control panel. Or right click on the drive which is bitlocked.Drive always asks you for password for each logon.We can also use bitlocker using smart card ,and should be inserted to unlock the drive.Some times administration rights will be lost by virus or any reasoon. Then just upgrade your system with OS cd. Then authentication will be restored then unlock drive.Administration  authentication should require to unlock drive each time.!!!

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